Welcome (back) to Startphoto!

After many, many years of hiatus, I’m pleased to announce that Startphoto.com is again returning to the internet. The site was first launched in March, 2003 as a passion project to help give visibility to interesting artists, to build connections within the photography community, and to foster art literacy and cultivate art-making skills. This time around, the site has much of the same goals, but the focus will be primarily creating a structured but flexible curriculum of tutorials, examples, assignments, and actionable skills-building exercises to cultivate new ways of thinking about–and making–art.

Who is this site for?

My hope is that Startphoto will offer something for everyone interested in art-making, especially those leveraging the expressive power of photography. People just getting started with art and photography will be exposed to new ideas about art-making and given a framework to explore as they experiment with new tools and ideas. Long practicing artists are invited to bring their voice to the dialogue as they share their methods and experiences. No matter your background, preferred media (or medium), and intent about art-making, Startphoto offers new ways to think about the creative process.

Curious about Startphoto? Please contact me with questions!

Make more art.
/Ron Johnson

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