Manifesto & Mission

Purpose and Intent:

This movement was created with intent. The purpose of Startphoto is to inspire, educate, and connect people through art-creation. It was created to ‘normalize’ art creation in everyday practice. To help people slow down, think more abstractly, be empathetic to themselves and others, and to live a life of creative possibility. It was created to help people feel connected to others through art, and to build shared experiences and understanding.

Startphoto Manifesto:

  1. ART is for everyone. It is accessible to all: to make, to view, and to share. You don’t need permission or training or money to make it… only the desire to create.
  2. ART makes the world a better place and ART-making makes a person better (or a better person).
  3. ART is about helping others see things in a new way. It reminds us that ours isn’t the only way to experience the world.
  4. ART-making gives you time to think. If you’re doing right, ART-making demands both: the time and the thinking.
  5. ART-making for thirty minutes a day: it’s a gift you can give to yourself, for yourself, with no purpose other than the desire to create. 30 minutes is nothing. It’s a sitcom not watched or a Facebook feed not scrolled. But even those few minutes are enough to disconnect you from your status quo and work on something outside yourself, for yourself.
  6. ART is not necessarily about “self-expression”. ART doesn’t have to be explicitly about you. But ART inherently is self-expression… no matter what you do, you end up in it. Every decision–subject, media, execution, whatever–is a product of what makes you. So make whatever interests you–it’s all about you anyway. Just remember: when one looks at art, it’s about them–what they think, what they feel–the ‘you’ part of ART is over by that time.
  7. Every single person has the capacity to make ART. It’s like breathing, eating, and shitting. It’s part of your birthright as a human being. To make a mark is human. If you haven’t done it before, or done it in a certain way, you might be bad at it at first. Like everything else. The point isn’t about making ‘good’ art or ‘bad’ art–it’s the making it that matters.
  8. ART is about intent, so pretty much anything can be ART, if you art with purpose. If you want other people to experience your ART, it has to exist. That’s basically the only limitation. You have to make the ART exist. If you want it to persist, you need some record or physical object with permanence. However, remember the making of the ART is the important part; the artifact is optional.

/Ronald Johnson
July 1, 2020 (version 0.1)