A-PEN ABC art Abecedarian Abrasion marks Absolute released images Absolute temperature Absorption Absorption Abstract Abstract Expressionism Abstraction and abstract art Absurd Academic Academician Academy Academy figure Accelerator Accent Acceptable Circle of Confusion Accession Accession number Accessory shoe Accident, accidental Accidental color Acculturation Accuracy Acetate base Acetic acid Acetone Achieve, achievement Achromatic Acid Acid bath Acid fixing solutions Acid free Acid hardener Acid migration Acid rinse Acquisitions Actinic Actinometer Action Finder Acuity Aculeate Acutance Acute angle Adapter ring Additive color / printing Additive synthesis AE (Auto Exposure) AE Lock Aerial perspective AF (Autofocus) AF (Autofocus) assist illuminator AF Lock AF Sensor Afocal lens Aftertreatment Agitation Air bells Air brushing Air-to-air photography Albert effect Albumen paper Alcohol thermometer Alkalinity Allegory Alum Aluminum compounds Ambient Light Ambrotype Amidol Ammonium chloride Ammonium persulfate Ammonium sulfide Ammonium thiosulfate Amphitype Anaglyph Analyzer Anamorphic lens Anastigmat Angle of Flash coverage Angle of incidence Angle of View Angstrom Angular field Anhydrous Animation art ANSI Anti-fogging agent Antihalation backing Antinous release Antiscreen plates Aperture Aperture priority Aperture ring Aplanat Apochromat Apochromatic Apodization APS (Advanced Photo System) Aquatint Arc lamp Archival Argentotype Aristotype Artificial daylight Artificial light Artificial light film Artist’s proof or A/P ASA Aspect ratio Aspherical Assembly printing Assignment Astigmatism ATA Atmospheric perspective Audiovisual Auto Camera Auto Flash Auto Lens Autochrome Autofocus Automatic aperture Automatic exposure control Automatic iris Automatic lens Autowinder Available Light Axis lighting Azo dyes