About the curator

Artists are a different breed. Anyone can push the button on a camera or brush some paint on a canvas, but not everyone has the interest, passion, and dedication to live a artistic life. I am an artist, and if you’re reading this, you’re likely one too.

Maybe you didn’t realize that artists are different, but it’s true.

Artists really see the world. We know that every moment is gone in an instant, lost forever. You know art can help preserve it, and sometimes capture a world that most will never see. Sometimes we capture a world only we can see.

We appreciate beauty but know that truth is often more valuable.

We empathize with others. We understand that everyone is the hero of their own story, overcoming their own challenges and fighting their own monsters. We can tell their story and maybe help them.

We use tools to create our images, but our tools don’t define us. We can appreciate and respect the tools, but the most important thing is the image, not what created it. Tools come and go, but vision lasts forever.

Everyone who makes art deserves our respect. We come from different places and have different needs and skills. Our goal is to help everyone make better images.

We believe our best image is one we haven’t made yet. My name is Ron, and I live an artistic life. I hope you will join us.

/Ron Johnson
Editor, Startphoto.
November 2013. Startphoto founded March, 2003.